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A clean rug is instrumental to a rooms appearance. A fabulous rug can complement furniture and light up the room but a shaggy, dirty rug can ruin your good efforts. So it’s important to make sure you look after your rug and even more important you get it done right. That’s where All Reading Carpet Cleaning comes in.

Whether you have a cream rug, patterned rug or otherwise, Chad can do more than carpet cleaning in Reading. All Reading Carpet Cleaning work on any rug which has been stained, marked or needs a bit of a spruce up. All Reading Carpet Cleaning gets it done right, first time, which results in a smoother, more efficient experience for you and your rug.

All Reading Carpet Cleaning offers a variety of rug cleaning services to suit any material (including but not limited to):

  • Wool rug cleaning Reading
  • Persian rug cleaning Reading
  • Silk rug cleaning Reading
  • Oriental rug cleaning Reading
  • Antique rug cleaning Reading
  • Specialist rug cleaning Reading
  • Smoke damaged rug restoration Reading
  • Water damaged restoration Reading
  • Rug stain removal Reading

We can clean up the dirtiest of rugs. Whether you have an accidental spillage, a child who just cannot remember to remove their dirty trainers or just the everyday wear and tear when it comes down to a seasonal spring clean.

Stained your rug? Whether it’s mud, blood or wine our carpet stain removal Reading service page will help your rug look as good as new!

We guarantee exceptional services at affordable prices.

Call Chad Green on 0118 967 1949 or send an email for a FREE quote on rug cleaning.